What’s Updated Frequently?

We bring you the biggest breaking stories as they happen, 24 hours a day. Our experienced, caffeinated journalists scour the planet for breaking news, quickly sifting out unconfirmed reports and duplicate stories. We boil it down to a reliable, real-time feed that focuses on just what’s new. No need to keep refreshing; updates appear automatically.

We’re best known for our Twitter feed, but our mobile sites are popular for customizable coverage and lightning-fast push alerts. Over on UpdatedFrequently.com, we publish a full fire hose of breaking updates. You can also find us on Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Why we do what we do

In today’s social media world, breaking news is everywhere. From thousands of news organizations to millions of “accidental journalists” armed with smart phones, breaking stories are screaming for your attention every minute of the day. It’s increasingly hard to keep track of it all—and know what’s real. Our goal is to make breaking news matter again, instantly alerting you of the stories you need and want to know. No screaming, no fluff, no rumors—just news.

How we do it

We’ve surrounded ourselves with computer screens and custom tools to help us discover and verify breaking news quickly. We also depend on an awesome community of nearly 300 news organizations that tip our editors via Twitter hashtags. As news organizations and eyewitnesses break original stories, we link them directly, sending an average of 200K clicks a day. We’re a social media wire that gives credit where credit is due.

We also need your tips, too. If you see a breaking story—for example, on Twitter or YouTube—click “Submit a link” ( ) next to the editors on duty at the top of UpdatedFrequently.com to alert our editors.